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I love detroit techmusic. Both house and the harder techno music. Keep it up. 10/10 and 5/5

Nice but lacking?

I would say that it needs a louder and harder kick to go with the highend melody. Maybe some more bass also? dunno but other than its great. 8/10 and 4/5

DjOros responds:

Greatly appreciated ^_^ I might have to go back later and add more too it. Only used a dance kick or 2 so if it is lackin some kick; ill throw in some hip-hop kicks. That will solve it =p

Thanks again~
Dj Oros

Have serious potential...

Saw your comment on the alpha test. Understood what you meant by bass roll when I heard this. Now to some criticism:

The background piano in the first part right before the breakdown could be a tad fuller and perheps have some lower keys stuck in there somewhere. And a little less repetative maybe?

Other than some mayor mixing with the kick and the hihats(some clipping issues) awesome song. Just ad a rich main melody with a smooth saw or a cleaner buzz and you have a killer.

X-otiC responds:

thanks man and yeah this is only a work and progress and I have a lot to do but thanks for the criticism. It always helps a ton.

Sounds like...

Sounds like something from the beginning of the 90's with some new stuff mixed in there somewhere. Makes me wanna see you live. Keep it up. 9/10 and 5/5

architecture responds:

Ive kinda semi retired from music at the moment. im just posting the stuff i made in the past 9 years or so. This is probably what i will return to making when im done with my hiatus


Rly nice remix. I dont know about the offbeat. Sounds to me like its right. Either way I like alot. Going straight to the IPOD

Chaosmeister responds:

thank you very much ^^

Awesome but...

Just love the beats and bass in the beginning when it takes off. But I gets a bit messy when the melody changes. But then it gets better again. Overall, a totally awesome remix. Keep it up!

a little slow

and some tones arent right. other than that. just ok

Kreepman responds:

I played it slow to give it a more classical feel to it and plus, my PC is too slow ;D
As for the tones, I thought it was fine, but then again, some people have an ear for these things xD!

Thanks for reviewing!
I'll see if I can make a better version ;3


really nice feeling in this track. I really like it. going in my newgrounds map. looking forward to more of this. Keep it up :D

Great beat but....

you need to fix that cracking in the beat. then you have a killertune man.

Bobo-boy responds:

thanks !!




Lashmush responds:

its aaawwwriite...

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