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Played this game for over 10 years. Still the best mmorpg thats ever been made in my eyes. World of asscraft can go suck it.

I really like the guitarsound. With some better mastering and you got a killer.

Realmguys responds:

I would agree entirely, the best online game to date. I played this game for about 6 years and feel lost in any other games that come along. There is no chemistry with the players on anything else. I wish the magic could return with some new game. I feel lost without a MMORPG nowadays. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a review. :)


Good pressure through out the whole song. fet!

Lashmush responds:



Didn't expect anything less from you

Lashmush responds:

True dat, honkey.


this is way better than my version. Keep it up!

NeXsard responds:

woo thnx man

I know the feeling

bitch... Excellent song. Its like chopping a mans head off with an old rusty hatchet and mashing it into a pulp.

Lashmush responds:

nah man, its not her fault. but yeah, excessive brutal anger and heartfelt agony was what i went for.


We need to make a co-lab dude. This is excellent

Lashmush responds:

Tackar, Rune. Hör bara av dig. Jag och Alex har ju som sagt UT99 projektet på g så vi kan ju alltid göra något där.


More than half of the song/melody is just premade stuff that comes with the VSTs. Make your own stuff instead. Doesnt matter how many filters you put on it

eliashellfire responds:

I don't understand. I just went to your profile and noticed that every one of your songs were made with Vengeance packs and Nexus, and some with full vocal clips of other songs. And here you're telling me to make my own stuff? You can't be any more of a hypocrite than that.
Thanks for the bomb.


Totally outstanding! 5/5 10/10 and a DL. Thx mate. This made my day

Kazmo responds:

I'm glad to hear that! ^^


Keep it up. A well deserved 5/5 and 10/10. It was a bit too long for my taste. Other than that flawless. Good variation and catchy melodies + kickass bass and kick. Going to the Ipod rightaway.

Exotec responds:

thank you very much! my biggest influence is basshunter, so i had to have a good bass and kick :) hehe.

Need to finish!

Awesome man! You definetly need to make a full length song of this. Not gonna write the longest review ever since Im dead tired. Wanna check out my latest song? "Feel what I feel". Uploaded some mins ago. 5/5 and 10/10

Kreepman responds:

Yeah, I was thinking of making a Basshunter Medley considering I have so many .flp files of his songs that I remixed and the fact that I know so many *more* Basshunter songs.

We'll see where this goes :3

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